ole bearz bees is the account of my journey through the world of beekeeping. I make mistakes, but try to learn from each one. I don’t put myself out there as a authority on bees, but I am happy to share anything I know to help others who are interested in helping bees. I usually do most of the beekeeping myself, but do have help from family and friends on occasion. I am constantly trying to build up my knowledge base, library and equipment. I am not looking to make a living by beekeeping, but I would be happy if my hobby would cover its own costs. Safety is my first priority and I have no problem telling someone if I am in over my head on any given honeybee situation. I look forward to meeting other beekeepers on this site. I do not use chemicals on any of my crops, or in my bee hives, as I believe if any bee colony cannot survive without the use of chemicals, then nature can remove it from the gene pool.